Sainsbury’s Jobs Application & Careers Info

Sainsbury’s Jobs Application for various vacancies can be submitted online. If you want to know about Sainsburys Careers opportunity, Job application, eligibility, types of jobs and status of application then this guide is for you. Read details and apply for the latest Vacancy.


Sainsbury’s is presently one amongst the top leading food retails in the country. The company is well known for its expansion strategies, it knows how to take opportunities in favor of the company. Throughout these years the grocery store has been successful in opening 14 new supermarkets, 87 new convenience stores, and various other new working spaces to its 8 existing locations around the world. All this achievement has been made by the company in a very short duration from 2012 to 2013. In order to maintain its lead in the market Sansburys hire various personals time to time in order to sustain its growth. It invites individuals for the post of various entry-level jobs and other store management career. All the supermarkets that Sainsbury’s owns have the multiple job openings for a large number of individuals. Sainsbury’s needs them to maintain merchandise, serve their respective customers, and also enable achievement of commercial success.

Sainsburys Jobs:

In order to maintain its departmental stores and supermarkets, Sainsbury’s requires a large amount of efficient workforce. Individuals are needed to carry out various task and duties. Sainsbury hires personals basically for managerial services or either for customer service. A candidate willing to work for Sainsbury must possess large amount of passion, enthusiasm, commitment, respect, service, and ambition in them. All the applicants must be above the minimum age limit of 16 years. Some of its popular job positions include

  • Checkout assistant: These individuals work on the checkout counters of Sainsburys. The duty of these assistants are greed shoppers, collect payments from them, and process purchase. They are also responsible for responding to customers inquiries for this all the applicants must have decent communication skills so as to interact with all the customers who shops from Sainsbury supermarket. The pay scale for these assistants are on hourly basis which range between £5.00 to £6.00.
  • Counter and sale assistants: This job is for individuals who like to work over the counter as assistants in store departments. These assistants are responsible for preparing merchandise for purchase, refueling various products on sale floors or arranging products which are on display and also have the responsibility if maintaining cleanliness in the store. These individuals working as assistants are responsible for answering customer questions and queries they also help various customers to locate items in the supermarket. The minimum age limit for the post of Counter and sale assistants is 18 years. The pay scale for these assistants is on hourly basis which ranges between £5.00 to £7.00.
  • Management: One of the popular jobs offered at Sainsbury include is that of managers. The prime responsibility of these managers are to increase store profitability by increasing sales and make customers happy. They increase sales by performing various specialized administrative and supervisory tasks. There are the large number of vacancy at Sainsbury for the post of department managers, deputy managers, and various store managers. The main job duties of these managers include hiring of various personals and then providing them with efficient training, they are also responsible for reviewing store procedures and implementing effective changes if required for the betterment of the store. These managers play a great role in increasing store sales thus in order to a manager one must possess highly developed managerial skills and the capability to work day and night. The pay scale for these departmental managers vary from £18,000 to £30,000 per year this might increase even depending upon their work performances. Whereas the pay scales for various deputy managers range between £30,000 to £40,000 which might increase up to £45,000 in a year.

How To apply for Sainsburys Jobs:

One can apply online for Sainsburys Vacancy. The online application is being accepted through official website of the company. If want to Join Sainsburys then visit and apply for latest vacancy. Following are the process of online application for Sainsburys Jobs.

First of all go to the official website of the company. Next Click on “Apply”. After that, a page will appear where you have to choose “Retail Stores” or “Store Support Center”. Now, Enter “enter your pin code and confirm if your are 18 years of age or over. After submitting “postal code”, a page will appear where you will see job title and location. Now, Click on the Job title for which you want to apply. Finally fill the entire application and hit “submit” button.

Benefits offered by Sainsbury to its employees

There are large numbers of benefits that Sainsbury offers to its employees like within six months of employment all the workers get eligible for various discount cards which are valid to make purchases in Sainsbury supermarkets or online. Employees are also offered other annual bonus, vouchers, awards, recognition, social clubs memberships etc fro Sainsbury.